20 Best Free and Secure VPN Proxy Services for Accessing Restricted Sites and Anonymous Browsing

Written By Sam on 18 April 2010

Earlier we wrote about 5 Free VPN Services that enables you to access all the restricted sites or portals anonymously from anywhere and in this article we have listed twenty more to facilitate you with more options to choose from. Briefing about VPN services, it is a source for secure and reliable communication between restricted sites and remote users, which allows users to rejoice all the restricted sites without any reluctance.


HideIPVPN is a free VPN service for browsing all the restricted sites in United States and United Kingdom regions anonymously and the best part is your identity will not be disclosed to anyone. HideIPVPN offers a limited number of free months every month and creating an account is a very simple process that enables you to start browsing anonymously. Using Encrypted VPN Technology, this VPN service provides unlimited amount of data transfer, Static IP to the users and also allows them access sites like Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC and ITV.

PacketiX.NET – Japan Based Free VPN Service

PacketiX.NET Secure Internet Service is a free VPN service that enables users to transfer data over the Internet by routing it through secure gateway server and encrypted VNL tunnel. This is an impressive VPN service as it allows users to access Internet from wireless LAN hotspots as well as from unidentified WLAN hotspots. You can even access internet through untrustworthy telecommunications company or ISP at an ease using PacketiX.NET.

LogMeIn Hamachi – Free VPN For Non Commercial Usage

LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted free VPN service that works tremendously well for connecting devices and networks, extending LAN-like networks to mobile users, distributed teams, and business applications. This remote desktop support provider, LogMeIn has two modes – Unmanaged and Managed that enables you to access blocked sites and create secure virtual networks across public and private networks. LogMeIn does not require any external hardware and provides secure communications with flexible networking and impressive web-based management. The Free version is 100% free for non-commercial use with up to 16 clients with 14-day evaluation.

JAP – Anonymity and Privacy Online

JAP aka JonDo is software that makes surfing Internet anonymously and unobservably possible. This research project uses a single static address that is shared by multiple JAP users thus hiding the identity of them from the eavesdroppers. JAP connects the users to their favorite restricted sites through a sequence of Mixes called Mix Cascade process and allows them to choose between different mix cascades and it verifies the information using cryptographic means. JAP software is not a very reliable source, so opt this service when you have no other choice left.

UltraVPN – Client Server SSL VPN Solution

Based on OpenVPN, UltraVPN is a client/Server source that is simple to use and allows users to access the restricted sites without being discovered. OpenVPN encrypts as well as anonymizes the network connections and provides users with an effective user interface to connect or disconnect the VPN servers. Servers of UltraVPN run on Lynanda and using this VPN service, you can watch all american streaming websites like Pandora, Hulu.com, access all the blocked websites, use VoIP softwares like Skype, connect into blocked MSN or even protect your email and browsing privacy.

AlonWeb – Free VPN Service

A completely free VPN service, AlonWeb facilitates you to access your favorite blocked sites anonymously. You can also use this VPN services to hide your IP address and access sites securely without being observed. AlonWeb is a free service and is reliable as well.

GPass – Online Secure Anonymous Surfing

Gpass is free VPN service and allows users to download content from the restricted sites as well as enables users to stream audio/video, email, and send instantaneous messages using Window messenger. This VPN service does not require any pre-installations and includes features like encrypted socks tunnels and backup tunnels that utilize Skype and Tor as well as integrated application firewall which make it impressive to use.

Hotspot Shield – Hide IP Address for Online Privacy

Anchorfree’s Hotspot Shield is a free service that not only allows users to access the Internet anonymously but also hides the user identity from eavesdroppers. Providing unlimited bandwidth, Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session and is 100% secure through HTTPS encryption. Hotspot Shield is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac. Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop or iPhone and their Internet gateway. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers, hackers, ISP’s, from viewing your web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.

CyberGhost – Free VPN With 128-bit AES Encryption

CyberGhost VPN service offers 1 GB free access of Internet along with the blocked sites per every month. It is a free VPN service that features a reliable firewall and 128-bit AES encryption to allow surfing anonymously. CyberGhost can be upgraded to a premium version for a cost of 14.26 USD.

FreeVPN – Access Blocked Sites With Free VPN

FreeVPN facilitates users to access restricted Sites or portals from various geo-graphical locations such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, and China. FreeVPN protects you from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices, and ISP hubs and uses VoIP software to unblock the restricted sites. FreeVPN runs on iPhone, iPad, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2008, 2003 and 2000.

ItsHidden – Free Secure VPN for iPhone, Mac, Linux and Windows

ItsHidden is another free VPN solution, which is still in the Beta stage. This service allows users to privatize their Internet traffic according to their requirements. ItsHidden specially aims at the torrent users and the features of this service include super low user/server ratio, lightning download speeds, instant access, total privacy over all networks and options to hide identities from ‘third parties’.

Loki Network – Free VPN Service and SSL Based Free VPN Server

A Free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server, the Loki Network Project enables you to bypass certain Internet access limitations as well as protect your private data simultaneously. Though Loki Network is not a speedy service, it is a free service that does not require any prior registrations. Loki VPN Client allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and hides your real IP address.

AlwaysVPN – Hosted Virtual Private Network

AlwaysVPN is a hosted virtual private network that can be used to protect public WiFi hotspot session and as it is based in United States, all the sites like Hulu, Sling, and Pandora can be accessed through proxies at an ease. However, AlwaysVPN is no more a free service and it is now a prepay bandwidth service that requires users to purchase an amount of VPN bandwidth before using the service.

Ace VPN – Free Secure Private SSL VPN Service

Using Open VPN client, Ace VPN is a VPN service that is available free as well as paid options. Ace VPN servers are in USA and European countries and in order to use this service, you will require an invitation of existing user. Ace VPN is highly secure and the service encrypts and compresses all traffic including DNS, VOIP, FTP, instant messengers, IRC. Ace VPN works on wide variety of platforms, routers and other devices and support available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

Shimo – Secure VPS Connection

Though Shimo is a VPN service for Mac OS X computers, it is also compatible with other PPTP, L2TP and SSH based VPN technologies including Hamachi and OpenVPN. Shimo 2 is a substitute for the Cisco VPN Client on Macs, this service enables users to rejoice all the restricted sites.

Freenet – Share, Chat and Browse Anonymously

Freenet is a free tool, which enables users to not only browse, publish, share files but also chat on forums anonymously. Users of Freenet tool need not worry about censorship as this tool has a “darknet” mode, which makes detecting user identity much difficult. Freenet is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Freegate – Anti Censorship Software

Freegate is another anti-censorship tool that facilities users to access blocked sites and government contents at an ease. This source allows users thru penetrate firewalls by utilizing multiple open proxies. Freegate supports only Windows OS and is mainly aimed at Internet users from China, Iran, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

NotMyIP – Browse Anonymously by Hiding IP

Free online privacy protection software, NotMyIP masks your IP address and hides your real online identity from hackers. NotMyIp software allows you to view all blocked websites as well as vote and comment on banned forums by providing you different proxies from all over the world. NotMyIP provides you with 3 US Premium Proxies IP Addresses.

UltraSurf – Anonymous Surfing and Browsing

UltraSurf is popular VPN service that allows you to browse any restricted site freely and anonymous surf any content from anywhere without being identified. This tool masks your IP addresses and locations, cleans the browsing history, cookies in order to hide your identity online. UltraSurf is a reliable VPN service and can be used for browsing anonymously.

There are many other VPN services, which can be used to access the restricted sites or portals, but selecting the best service is a difficult task as many of these services are not trustworthy. Take a wise decision whilst choosing the VPN service and rejoice browsing anonymously!

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  1. Anca says:

    Invisible Browsing VPN (also known as ibVPN) is also a VPN service that provides free accounts on weekly basis.


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    I need to anti proxy for facebook

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    There is currently running a campaign on http://www.Leechermods.com where you can get a vpn premium account for free.

  4. J.B. says:

    There are not so many free and reliable VPN Service Providers. A paid service will always provide more privacy and security than a free one..

    You can check out this VPN Reviews website to find a good and affordable(some are free) VPN provider.

  5. Mike says:

    There are plenty of free VPN services, however there are all crap: slow, unreliable and other major limitations. If you need a VPN for every day use (e.g. you`re in China or the Middle East) just buy one, it`s really not that expensive. There are many good paid VPN service providers. I recently used SunVPN (http://www.sunvpn.com/) , it`s fast, reliable, costs 15$/month.

    BTW, I also found most free proxies to be crap .

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    please sent free vpn for windous ,mac and iPhone to my email address

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    please send vpn windows to my mail.thanks for your cooperation

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    When you buy VPN you automatically become Identifiable.Only free VPN can be anonymous.

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