Download WordPress 2 App for iPhone and iPod Touch for Free

Written By Sam on 30 October 2009

WordPress is the one of the preferred blogging platform by many bloggers. This famous blogging platform has got an iPhone App which will help the bloggers to do lot many things from their Apple iPhone. The first version of the WordPress App for iPhone/iPod Touch worked as a mobile blogging tool, but it was not very useful as it was too slow and there weren’t much functionalities. The tool was not good and it didn’t know do anything with interrupted connections, while you’re blogging from your iPhone and the UI was clumsy and unintuitive.

But the latest version of WordPress App for iPhone and iPod Touch, WordPress 2 is now available with many advanced feature to help you. This version has got many bug fixes, auto-saving and an improved UI thus making it easy for you to blog from your iPhone and iPod Touch. WordPress 2 iPhone App makes a better choice for blogging on your way.


WordPress for iPhone is a new application which you have to install separately as it won’t overwrite any previous version you have already in use. When you install this new version, you’ll instantly see “Version 2.0″ at the bottom of your mobile screen. That show you have installed the new app and you can safely confiscate the old version from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Now blogging on phones is really easy using this new WordPress for iPhone version 2. Start to create and manage your own blogs on a small screen on the way. This latest version recalls just what you were doing among sessions, so that if you get a phone call, or you cease it, the app will take you right back to the menu or the page you were looking at.

Features of WordPress 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch

  • A fresh, more effective user interface which makes it quicker to switch between posts, pages, and comments.
  • A variety of user interface modifications and bug fixes.
  • New Comments user interface, with Gravatars and you can see author URL in the comment list.
  • Passwords can be saved in the keychain.
  • You can save the posts are automatically and also fix if network connection is lost during writing.
  • Added persistence, hence the app re-opens in the blog you were using.
  • Fixed rotation-related visual glitches.
  • Fixed errors where malformed XML prevented access to XMLRPC endpoint.
  • Save the local drafts which are not saved sometimes.
  • Fix the order of photos which are uploaded.

This all in all, WordPress 2 is an executable solution for all kind of mobile blogging. Just give it a TRY!

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