AMD Releasing DirectX 11 Graphics Card For Better Graphics in Windows 7

Written By Sam on 11 August 2009

Microsoft DirectX 11 aims to make graphics seem smoother and more realistic on Windows 7. So in order to support all the latest features of DirectX 11 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will soon be launching a Graphics Card. The release of AMD’s DirectX 11 graphics card would coincide with the launch of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 has a built in support for new DirectX 11. DirectX 11 will also be supported by Nvidia, but as Nvidia hadn’t made any announcement until now, AMD will be dominating the market until then. Surprisingly Intel has offered support for only DirectX 10 for Windows 7.


The DirectX 11 tools include a set of API’s for realistic images and better sound while playing games or watching movies. These tools are also designed to help Windows 7 to recognize the multicore systems which will improve the performance of graphics and multimedia. “Computer Shader” is a feature which harnesses the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs to improve gaming on PCs which makes the games more realistic. DirectX 11 tools help break up multiple tasks effectively over existing CPU and GPU cores. It also takes up tasks like manipulating images or DVD playbacks by off-loading them over CPUs and GPU cores.

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