Intel Unveils Atom CE4200 and Atom E600 Processors, Also Launches IntelAppUp Centre

Written By Sam on 16 September 2010

Intel is looking to intensify its System-on-a-Chip (SoC) product plans based on the Intel Atom processor family. As part of its software-and hardware-related efforts, the company introduced a pair of new Atom processors (Intel Atom CE4200 and Intel Atom E600 processors) and announced the launch of an application store called “IntelAppUp Centre” for Atom devices.

Intel Atom processor CE4200 and Intel Atom E600

In the ongoing Intel Developer Forum, the company launched ‘Tunnel Creek,’ a new Intel Atom E600 SoC processor series developed specifically for embedded applications such as in-vehicle infotainment systems for cars, smart grid devices and IP media phones. The SoC reportedly integrates additional capabilities onto the chip and features an open interconnect for added flexibility. The company has revealed that it is in a partnership with Altera to launch a new configurable Atom processor, codenamed ‘Stellarton.’ The processor will consist of the Atom E600 processor paired with an Altera FPGA on a multi-chip package.

Alongside this, the company outlined the forthcoming Intel Atom processor CE4200, codenamed ‘Groveland‘. The company informed that the next-generation CE SoC includes 3D support, H.264 high-definition encoding capability for usage models such as ‘sync-and-go’ between networked consumer electronics and portable devices, and multiple input stream support to enable the design of cost-effective home gateway appliances. The company is understood to have signed partnership deals with ADB, Samsung, Sagemcom and Technicolor to build set-top boxes based on the new SoC.

IntelAppUp Centre

Intel has also announced a netbook app store, IntelAppUp Centre, that will incorporate both free and paid apps for entertainment, social networking, gaming and productivity, optimized for a netbook’s mobility and screen size. As a marketing move, the store will provide a ‘try before you buy’ option for consumers to check out various apps at the store, thus increasing the likelihood of consumers purchasing apps that they otherwise might not have intended to. The company has signed agreements with retailers Best Buy, UK-based Dixons and India-based Croma to pre-install the stores on netbooks they sell. The same will also be available for current netbook owners to download online. In related news, ASUS is planning to ship its own version of the Intel AppUp centre, called the ‘Asus app store,’ on netbooks next month.

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