PeeWee Unveils Kid-friendly Rugged Notebook, Pivot 2.0; Features Intel Atom N450 Rrocessor, Runs Windows 7

Written By Sam on 20 November 2010

Kids will be kids. While you insist on their treating their precious PC with more respect, and not like a toy, you are constantly worried they might drop it or drop food on it, or even spill drinks. Holidays are around the corner and since you can’t keep kids away from the PC, PeeWee PC decided to introduce a model that can withstand the onslaught of kids. The Pivot 2.0 laptop is specifically ruggedized keeping in mind the way kids usually handle things.

The notebook has a display, which rotates 180 degrees and is rugged so that even rough handling does not result in the screen falling apart or going blank. The device also has a handle which can be retracted into the case. The keyboard is spill-proof, which means there is no need to worry if your kids accidentally spill any drink. The device has been designed to withstand shock from hard knocks or drops. Pivot comes with rubberized grips. It is rugged and tough and will take all the mishandling kids in school, home or during travel. Maybe it will not take too kindly to being thrown!

It weighs 3.7 lb and is easy to carry around. However, performance is not lightweight. It has an Intel Atom N450 processor and runs Windows 7. It has a touch panel as well as a webcam; and comes preloaded with 15 educational games. The price of the Pivot at $ 599 may be a bit steep but then it is like having a notebook with its own insurance policy of sorts.

That is not the last word on it. This new device comes with security software suites like PeeWee Patrol and Privacy to control the time children can spend on gaming and surfing the Net. Inappropriate sites can be blocked and system cannot be reset or modified by children. In-built software permits automated storage of browsing history and screen shots and remote control of the notebook.

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