$35 Android Tablet Sakshat Coming Early Next Year, Rumoured to be Hivision Speedpad

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

India looks geared up to launch its $35 tablet. Referred to as ‘Sakshat‘, the Android-based tablet is expected to launch in three screen sizes of 5-inches, 7-inches and 9-inches. While detractors have turned their nose up on reports about the exceedingly low-priced tablet, and feel the Indian government’s claim of any such development is hollow, a local TV channel is understood to have also shown a working prototype of the gadget.

While the gadget world is rife with speculation about the product, there is news that the government has also set 11 January 2011 at the launch date for the tablet. There is no confirmation yet that the tablet would be sold at $35 apiece. The government is understood to have joined hands with HCL to manufacture the product and has even hinted at reducing the price point even further in the future.

There are also rumors that Sakshat is a near copy of Hivision Speedpad, an Android tablet made in China thats priced at $100. But if that was true then the Indian Govt wouldn’t have claimed that the Android Tablet is developed in India, instead it would have mentioned that the Tablet will be subsidized.

Sakshat is essentially an initiative of the Indian government’s Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is aimed at students. The device is Wi-fi-enabled and supports full HTML internet browsing. The tablet comes with a USB port, 2GB on-board storage and support for Flash.

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  1. santanu says:

    Here ‘s a first look at the $35 tablet and an interview with India’s HRD Minister – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=term9FQsYdA done by Gadgetguru

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