10 iPad Twitter Apps To Tweet, RT, DM, Upload Photos From Your Apple iPad

Written By Sam on 8 April 2010

Apple’s most hyped multimedia device, iPad has been released few recently and even before its release there were more than 2000 fantabulous applications (free as well as purchasable) awaiting in the iPad App Store to enthrall all the iPad buffs. If you are a Twitter freak and got an iPad then do check out the below iPad Twitter Apps to send tweets from your iPad.

TweetDeck for iPad

TweetDeck iPad App is a free app and is available for download from the Apple iPad App store that allows users to Tweet from their iPad. When you first open the TweetDeck App for iPad, you can add all your Twitter accounts and you can choose which synchronized columns you want to bring in from the Desktop TweetDeck or TweetDeck App for iPhone. TweetDeck for iPad supports both portrait and landscape mode. One other new feature added to TweetDeck iPad App is the Map View. Just click on the top of a column and choose “View on Map” and the whole app will flip round to show a full screen map with all geocoded tweets from the column shown. Including features like multi columns, multiple account support, retweet, DM, reply, follow or unfollow Twitters and many other features as well, TweetDeck is definitely a worth try!

Download TweetDeck for iPad [iTunes Link]

Twitterrific iPad Twitter App

Twitterrific is a free application with great features that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Full-featured Twitter client, Twitterrific for iPad, is another popular Twitter app with impressive user interface. Features of Twitterrific includes – simple use interface, unified display, Twitter-based searches and lists, conversation threads, capabilities to follow/unfollow and block Twitter users as well as filter the timeline. This version of Twitterrific is ad-supported, but you can upgrade to Premium in-app for $4.99.

Features of Twitterrific

  • Easy to Use – Twitterrific is the easiest, most user friendly Twitter client available. Designed for you.
  • Read and Tweet – Browse and reply in just a few taps. Compose new tweets, replies & direct messages.
  • Search and Trends – Create and save customized searches as well as view the latest Twitter trends.
  • Filter Tweets – Filter your timeline to display your mentions, direct messages and favorites.
  • Translate Tweets – Select any tweet and instantly translate it to your device’s native language.
  • Tweet Actions – Perform a host of actions on tweets including: RT, email, URL compression and more.

Download Twitterrific for iPad [iTunes Link]

Echofon for Apple iPad

Echofon is an easy to use, super-fast Twitter app for the Apple iPad. With Echofon for iPad you can easily do common Twitter tasks such as viewing your timeline, messages, replies, lists and favorites. Echofon has a powerful tweet-authoring where you can write tweets and update your current location. You can also keep up with what’s happening on Twitter with Echofon’s search tools. You can search Twitter, view trending topics (with explanations), nearby tweets and find users easily from the search tab. The basic version if Free and the Pro version costs you $4.99.

Download Echofon for iPad [iTunes Link]

TwitePad Twitter App for iPad

Twitepad, an iPad Twitter client is an amazingly powerful application for iPad that supports multiple user accounts and displays multiple columns on the screen. With impressive user interface, this application allows you to perform all Twitter tasks as well as open the links shared by your other Twitter friends either one after another or simply in a thumb view. Featuring web browser column to access Twitter timeline and effective loading times, Twitepad also includes support for web to twitter, Tweetmeeme, Bit.ly, instapper support along with back-end database. Priced at $1.99, Twitepad with its interesting features is certain to be the most downloaded app for the iPad.

Features of Twitepad Twitter App

  • Support for Multiple Twitter accounts
  • With Twitepad you can have 3 (portrait view) or 4 (landscape view) columns
  • Extensive support of Twitter functions
  • Instapaper support
  • TweetMeme and bit.ly statistics
  • Integrated webbrowser and Web to Twitter
  • Database backend for Faster Access

Download Twitepad for iPad [iTunes Link]

Tweeterena 2 For Apple iPad

With great visuals, Tweeterena 2 is another impressive application that allows users to access Twitter occupying the full screen of the iPad. Following the success of the Tweeterena for iPhone, Tweeterena 2 is specially designed for iPad thus enabling users to access all the features of Twitter at an ease. Providing all the features of Twitter including translations capabilities, customizable font sizes for reading and writing, GPS location service, Tweetphoto support and many more, Tweeterena 2 iPad App costs $1.99 and can be downloaded from the iPad App Store or iTunes.

Features of Tweeterena 2

  • Translation facilities
  • New clear easy to read interface and custom reading and writing font sizes
  • Full size profile images
  • GPS location services – share where you are
  • Pull to refresh on all timelines
  • Support for Twitvid video upload, img.ly, Posterous, twitpic, yfrog and TweetPhoto
  • Search for users and nearby tweets
  • Full auto rotate to any orientation for iPad
  • Tdy.me URL shortening
  • Inline web browser
  • Block / unblock users and Follow / unfollow users
  • Conversation views, Public timeline, Retweet function and Custom tweeting backgrounds

Download Tweeterena 2 for iPad [iTunes Link]

Twittelator Pad iPad Twitter App

Twittelator Pad is a redesigned app for iPad which gives you ultimate way to experience Twitter on your iPad. Twittelator Pad has got a beautifully designed and visually rich interface along with many features. Important features of Twittelator Pad include chat view, custom wallpapers etc. Twittelator Pad for iPad is priced at $4.99.

Features of Twittelator Pad

  • Beautifully designed and visually rich interface
  • Friends tweets are presented persistently in landscape
  • See images inline in your friends tweets feed
  • Messages are presented in a chat view
  • Set customizable wallpapers
  • Discover nearby Twitter users
  • Create and manage drafts
  • Terrific multiple account support
  • Post photo and audio tweets
  • Automatically splits up long tweets to allow longer messages
  • All this amongst a rich set of other highly tuned features

Download Twittelator Pad iPad App [iTunes Link]

TweetTime for iPad

Fully featured iPad app, TweetTime includes many awe-striking features such as – support for multiple Twitter accounts, trends viewer, landscape keyboard support, reply support, Deleting tweets, follow/unfollow, or block/unblock users and many more. TweetTime has a built-in web browser that enables users to view web links and allows uses to shorten the built-in URL. Using TweetTime iPad App, users can Upload photos from the photo library as well as upload their current location with Google Map. TweetTime has two different modes for media uploading along with support for RT and Geotagging. Priced at $0.99, TweetTime is available for download from the App Store.

Features of TweetTime for iPad

  • Supporting multiple twitter accounts.
  • Managing your twitter home, replies, direct messages and favorites.
  • Trends Viewer, Searching Twitter and Searching a user.
  • Viewing other user’s timeline, favorites, and profile information.
  • Landscape Keyboard support.
  • Hash tag support, Posting a tweet, Reply and RT support.
  • Sending and receiving direct messages.
  • Uploading photos from your photo library.
  • Uploading your location with Google Map.
  • Follow/Unfollow users, Block/Unblock users, Mark/Unmark favorite tweets.
  • Built-in web browser to view web links and URL shortening.
  • Supporting OAuth for Authentication for Twitter Server.

Download TweetTime for iPad [iTunes Link]

TweetMagnet for Apple iPad

TweetMagnet is cool application that transforms the Twitter timeline into a flowing deck of cards. These deck of cards are very interaction and the users can browse through them by simple finger swipe. Available for download from the iTunes, TweetMagnet costs $0.99. TweetMagnet’s slick card based interface is just plain fun to use. It’s like no other twitter app you’ve ever seen, and you won’t want to stop sliding around! TweetMagnet iPad App has a unique autoplay mode that lets you view your tweets like a screensaver! Put your iPad in its dock and let it lull you into an twitter induced stupor. When you buy TweetMagnet, you get both the adorable iPhone version and the giant honking iPad version!

Download Tweetmagnet for iPad [iTunes Link]

TweetBrowser for Apple iPad

Available for download from the App Store and pricing around $0.99, TweetBrowser is a wonderful application that not only allows users to browse the web but also keeps them updated with their Twitter public timeline. The left column of TweetBrowser iPad App displays the Twitter feeds wherein the right column displays web browser. TweetBrowser allows users to reply to the tweets, bookmark them, as well as access the shared links at an ease.

Download TweetBrowser for iPad [iTunes Link]

Tweet for iPad

With highly usable columned Twitter interface, Tweet App for iPad and is available for download from the App Store for a priced of $0.99. Supporting multiple Twitter accounts, Tweet also includes – columned interface, Twitter search, trending topics, DMs, and many other features to the users delight.

Download Tweet for iPad [iTunes Link]

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