Apple Rumoured to Release iPad 2 Before Christmas With FaceTime

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

Rumour mills are abuzz with news that Apple may launch its next-generation iPad or iPad 2, as it may be called, much ahead of schedule. Reports claim that iPad 2 will come with FaceTime video calling and will be launched in time for the holiday shopping season.

Apple released the first iPad in April this year. While some have wondered why the company would want to hasten the refresh time for the product, there are reports explaining that the company has planned this to take iPad competitors – that will start shipping end of this year – head on. What’s more, there is also talk that a iPad 7″ model is on its way.

Some believe the company will launch its iPad 7″ version before Christmas and release its next-gen 9.7-inch model in April next year. Meanwhile, there are reports that BlackPad from RIM may include a camera, and Cisco’s tablet will be smaller than the iPad. If this is true, the rumour about a 7″ iPad follow-up with FaceTime may seem logical as it will take the lustre away from the two products even before they are actually launched. Also, a reduced screen size will help iPad lower its price point for consumers.

Alongside this, there is a theory that Apple is striving “to embed FaceTime within its entire mobile arsenal” in a bid to “mitigate the market opportunity for rival tablet devices that could incorporate the technology”. Talk about gearing up for competition.

The company’s iOS 4.2 for iPad is scheduled for a November launch. And the timeline for the rumoured follow-up iPad may seem tight in such a scenario. However, there are claims that Apple may already be in “advanced testing stages” of a new FaceTime capable iPads. Guess, we will just have to wait and watch.

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