Casio Introduces EXILIM EX-H20G Combining GPS With Motion-Sensor Driven Autonomic Positioning

Written By Sam on 22 September 2010

Casio has unveiled its first Hybrid GPS-enabled digital camera, the 14.1-megapixel EXILIM EX-H20G. The latest model to join Casio’s EXILIM Hi-Zoom line-up, the EX-H20G comes laden with features that combine with the company’s Hybrid GPS technology to make the camera suitable for traveling. The Hybrid GPS system reportedly combines GPS with autonomic positioning, which is made possible by an internal motion sensor. This enables the EX-H20G to track a user’s last known satellite-acquired position against map data stored in the camera’s internal memory, even while the user is indoors. The company claims the camera offers “ultra-precise location data” for the geotagging of photos and videos on a map in the camera itself.

If you are an avid traveller, you may find the camera’s pre-loaded information interesting, as it apprises you of 1,000 sightseeing destinations that are also great photo spots. When in the vicinity of one of these photo spots, the EX-H20G will automatically alert the user, identifying the locations as points-of-interest. Another handy feature is the camera’s digital compass that may be utilized by users on the go to determine the best route to their next destination. After returning home, users can manage and share their geotagged photos and videos captured with the EX-H20G using photo-sharing websites and software which offer geotagging functionality, such as Picasa, Panoramio, Google Earth, Flickr and iPhoto.

The EX-H20G is equipped with the new EXILIM Engine HS for advanced image processing that boasts a multi-CPU and two parallel image processors, enabling the EX-H20G to capture the photos with high-speed. The camera is outfitted with a 24mm ultra wide-angle, 10x optical zoom lens that offers a 35mm film equivalent focal length of 24mm-240mm. It features built-in CCD-shift image stabilization to help reduce photo blur from hand movement. The camera’s H.264 video format enables longer recording time for 720pD movies.

The camera also features a Dynamic Photo function to create ‘moving photos’ by cutting moving subjects from the background in images taken with continuous shooting, and combining those images on a different still or moving image background. The EX-H20G will be available November for $349.99.

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