Dell Launches Inspiron Duo 10″ Convertible Netbook With Hidden Keyboard That Converts it into Tablet PC

Written By Sam on 18 September 2010

A 10-inch convertible Netbook with an unusual swivel mechanism…? When Dell showed off its latest Atom-powered Inspiron Duo at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum recently, it generated a lot of curiosity and popped many eyeballs. The netbook or the tablet contains a dual-core Atom N550 and runs Windows 7 Premium. Now, for the more interesting bit. It comes with a hidden sliding keyboard, enabling it to be converted to a notebook. The hybrid’s 10-inch screen can be flipped vertically inside the bezel to turn it into a touchscreen tablet.

The company looks upbeat to promote this device as one that will allow productivity on the go, an area where Apple’s iPad seems to fall short. In fact, Cnet news has also reported that “Dell couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the Apple iPad”. The report said that while revealing the hidden keyboard Dave Zavelson, a marketing executive at Dell, noted “tablets are great for entertainment, but they aren’t exactly conducive to productivity”.

Dell did not reveal key details of the tablet like storage, connectivity options or the price. Reports say it will support WiMAX and hit the stores later this year.

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