Download iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta to Develop iPad Applications

Written By Sam on 28 January 2010

Apple has finally announced its most awaited multi-touch iPad yesterday. With unique features, stylish design and unbelievable prices, iPad is certainly a magical device that will rejoice all the Apple lovers. After a wide range of popular applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch of Apple, now its turn to develop applications for its gen-next iPad. Apple has release its iPhone SDK 3.2 beta that will enable iPhone developers to build innovative applications for its new iPad. The iPhone Developer Program provides a complete and integrated process for developing and distributing applications for iPhone, iPod touch and the latest iPad. You can join the Standard Program for $99 and Enterprise Program for $299.

Download iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta to Build iPad Applications

If you are a iPhone Developer Program member, you can access and use the following to develop innovative applications for the latest Apple iPad.

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta

All the iPhone Developer Program members can download the iPhone SDK3.2 which features all required tools to build as well as optimize iPhone OS applications for Multi-Touch iPad.

iPad Simulator

Developers can access the iPad Simulator which enables them to build and run iPad applications on Mac. iPad Simulator allows programmers to lay out the user interface for a larger screen size as well as test the application’s memory usage thereby shortening the debug cycle in the design process.

iPad Programming Guide

All the new features available for the Apple iPad and various ways to implement them to create innovative applications are introduced in this iPad Programming Guide. iPad Programming Guide makes building applications an uncomplicated process through easy to follow instructions.

iPad Human Interface Guidelines

iPad Human Interface Guidelines will enable the programmers to design incredible user interfaces with effective usage of the new views and controls available in the iPad.

iPad Sample Code

iPad Sample code provides a clear idea of getting started with an iPad application. There are many buildable sample code projects that clearly provide an example of accomplishing tasking in specific technologies.

Preparing Universal Applications

iPad facilities the developers with a “Single binary” using which they can start planning for universal applications utilizing all technologies available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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