Download iTunes 9 Featuring Home Sharing, Genius Mixes, iTunes LP and Improved Syncing

Written By Sam on 10 September 2009

Along with the announcement of new iPod Nano With Video Recording and FM Radio, Apple has also announced the latest iTunes9 with many new features like iTunes LP, Home Sharing, Redesigned iTunes Store, iTunes Extras, Genius Mixes, Improved Syncing and many other improvements.


Features of Latest iTunes 9

iTunes LP in Latest iTunes 9 – With iTunes LP while listening to the song you can enjoy animated lyrics and liner notes, watch performance videos, view artist and band photos, and enjoy other bonus materials.

Home Sharing With iTunes – Latest iTunes 9 helps you to easily share music, movies, TV shows, and more by browsing the iTunes library of up to five authorized computers in your house. With iTunes Home Sharing feature you can import and automatically add new purchases made on any of the computers to your own library.

iTunes Extras – When you buy select movies from the iTunes Store you’ll be getting iTunes Extras which includes interviews, trailers, photos and more.

Genius Mixes in iTunes 9 – Genius Mixes searches your iTunes library, finds songs that go great together, and creates up to 12 mixes.

iTunes Improved Syncing – iTunes now makes it easier for you to organize all the apps on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can also shop the App Store on your computer, iPhone, or iPod touch and then go to your iTunes library to arrange your apps and add or delete Home screens. iTunes automatically syncs your new Home screens with your iPhone or iPod touch.

The other improvements and features include Smart Playlists, new wish list, buying Ringtones directly from the iTunes Store on your iPhone and many more.

Download iTunes 9 for Windows and Mac

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