Kingston Joins With Paramount Pictures to Deliver Movies on USB and SD Cards

Written By Sam on 4 November 2009

Gone are the days when people used Floppy’s and CD’s to carry data. Today most of them are preferring to use Pen Drives/USB Drives/Thumb Drives to carry their data. USB Drives have become very popular that many companies are releasing portable version of their applications to use them anywhere. Now Kingston, world leader in memory products is teaming up with Paramount Pictures, to deliver full-length movies on Kingston Flash memory products.


By joining hands with Paramount Digital Entertainment, Kingston Digital will deliver full-length motion picture feature films on Kingston USB and SD cards. For the initial launch they are offering Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on a 4GB Kingston DataTraveler USB drive for $29.99. Though this looks like a very innovative idea but i’m pretty sure that unless you have a wide range of choices people will step back to shell more bucks from their pockets.

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