Looxcie Launches First Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder and Social Sharing System

Written By Sam on 19 September 2010

Looxie, the first wearable Bluetooth camcorder and social sharing system is now available for purchase from the Amazon. With amazing features and stylish design, this camcoder is definitely a trend setter. The Looxie wearable camcorder is designed to share more than 140 characters at a time and this camcorder allows users to constantly video everything they see, which is amazing.

Easy-to-wear, this camcoder features off-button that enables users to OFF the camcorder, which is eventually in ON state always. Pressing the instant clip button, captures the moments for nearly 30 seconds and stores it on the permanent clip on the device. Once logged, you can upload to Twitvid and share with the world at an ease. Looxie is also capable of working as a simple Bluetooth headset. Other features of Looxie include 1 oz., battery life of 4 continuous hours, 6+ hours of continuous talk time if not using video, 15fps HVGA-quality video capture, onboard storage of up to 4 hours of video and DSP processing. Priced $199, Looxie Bluetooth camcorder can be purchase from Amazon.

Looxie Bluetooth Camcorder Features and Specs

  • Fully adjustable fit for comfort and view refinement
  • Lightweight: less than 28g (1 oz.)
  • Always on battery life allows up to 4 hrs of continuous video use
  • 6+ hours of continuous talk time when the video capability is not on
  • Clips are time stamped and stored in a clip register as MP4 files
  • On-board storage of up to 4 hrs of video and hundreds of instant clips (3 hrs of clips). Stored video drops off on FIFO basis for any material unsaved as clips
  • 15 FPS, HVGA resolution camera
  • Bluetooth Class 2 (2.5mW) for up to 10 meters range
  • 480mAh Li Po battery for extended record and talk times
  • ROHS compliant manufacturer
  • DSP optimized for clear, crisp audio

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