MSI WindPad 100 Tablet Features Windows 7 and Intel Atom Z530 Processor and Priced at $499

Written By Sam on 1 June 2010

Apple iPad has created a great hype in the market eventhough there were some technical issues related to the software, connectivity of the Wi-Fi, still it managed to be among the best seller of recent times, generating new sales records. Many companies are looking forward to relase tablet’s to compete with the iPad. Recently at the Taiwan’s Computex conference, MSI unveiled its new WinPad 100, a 10 inch tablet that runs on windows 7. MSI’s WinPad 100 made up of plastic and weighs just aound 1.7 pounds.

The MSI WinPad 100 comes with very high hardware configuration comprising of 2GB RAM, 1.66 ghz Intel Atom Z350 processor and a 32GB SSD. There are many ports added into this gadget, which makes it much compatible with other devices when compared to the iPad, and also an HD screen, which is again an added advantage. There is a webcam provided along with, which would definitly attract the masses.

The all new WinPad 100 would be launched into the market, sometime at the end of the year. I think it would attract a huge student crowd as even its price is tagged much economically ranging between $399-$499, which costs 20% less than the iPad but with more features included. I feel it would be the best deal for such a high end machine. So, lets wait for the release of the MSI WinPad 100.

via Engadget

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