Roku Forays into Retail Space with its Own Netgear-Branded Roku XD Player, Priced at $89.99

Written By Sam on 14 October 2010

Official and confirmed, Netgear is now selling the Roku XD as the Netgear Roku XD Player. Technically, it’s still the same as the Roku XD with its 720p Netflix and Amazon streaming with support for 1080p for certain channels. But it gets better because Netgear’s vast distribution network will make the product available in Best Buy, Radio Shack, Amazon, Fry’s and anywhere else where Netgear products get sold routinely.

This Saratoga-based company, which made it to the streaming market with its Roku Netflix Player in 2008, is now foraying into the retail space with its own Netgear-branded player priced at $89.99, which is down by a $10 compared to the Apple TV. Still better, you can get it at an extra $10 rebate from the Fry’s.

Roku is marketing 3 units at the moment, including a standard definition model for $59.99. It has already sold 1 million units through its own website and the numbers aren’t getting any smaller. We hear, they might even offer their device owners access to subscriptions-based Hulu Plus beginning this fall. This move to venture into the retail space seems to be in response to counter the re-launch of Apple TV as stated by Roku founder Anthony Wood in The Los Angeles Times.

The company claims its goal is to put a box beside every TV in your house. And why not, since the Roku XD is comparatively cheaper and more flexible and is sure to tempt many big–box shoppers.

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