Panasonic to Launch Jungle, a Portable, Clamshell Gaming Console, For Online Gamers and MMORPGs

Written By Sam on 7 October 2010

Have you heard of the Jungle yet? It’s a mobile device designed by Panasonic Cloud Entertainment specifically for online gamers and MMORPGs. The website claims the portable gaming console will be a “mean little machine” featuring “a kick ass display, touch pad, keyboard, and other gaming controls”. The company is understood to be working with online game developers currently to create “some exciting new content”.

Gizmodo claimed to be the first to reveal the look of this clamshell device and described it as a “tiny PC, with a full QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad along with the d-pad and shoulder buttons you’d expect in a tiny gaming console”. It’s not a very sleek device, from what we can make from the first look. But we hear, game testers are all gung ho about the screen resolution. That said, there is no word yet on which processor is powering it.

It is expected to come with Wi-Fi support and an HDMI port. 3G? We don’t know yet. Some also claim it will run on Linux. That may be a disappointment because certain online games World of Warcraft do not run on Linux; and some others will have to be ported over. But considering it comes with the Panasonic tag, the device is expected to come interesting features and content.

Image Courtesy: Gizmodo

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