Roku Announces New Digital Video Player Set-top Boxes Roku HD-XR and Roku SD

Written By Sam on 29 October 2009

Roku is planning to launch its new set-top box with the addition of two new models and new “channels” in upcoming weeks. With the price of $130, the step-up Roku HD XR model includes faster 802.11n, Wi-Fi and a USB port meant for future use. The step-down model, the Roku SD Player misses the HD output of its siblings and come with a price tag of $80. With similar look, the two new boxes feel like on-hand Roku box, which is being renamed as the Roku HD Player and (no USB port, 802.11g Wi-Fi) is available for $100. Presently, the Roku boxes have three content channels which include Netflix, Amazon Video-on-Demand, and MLB TV. Still, the impendent next month launch of the “Roku Channel Store” will have additional programming options, like some free content which include and Mediafly channels, and also some other new contents.


The company will also roll out its Roku Channel Store. This will add additional “channels” to the user like streaming content, in that some may be free, and some may need a subscription. A Roku interpreter supported to the news that the launching channels will include TWiT TV, Revision3, Motionbox, Mediafly and These origins or sources will surely provides content and also about 17,000 movies and Netflix offer TV, 45,000-some titles from Amazon on Demand, and on-demand games and live from and what else you need. The company anticipates having as many as 10 new channels by end of the year.

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