Sony E Series Walkman – Affordable Video and MP3 Player

Written By Sam on 26 August 2009

Along with the S Series Walkman Sony has also announced the E Series Walkman Video MP3 players for those ho are looking for a decent Walkman Player at affordable prices. The new E Series Walkman player feature a compact design and spots a stylish look. The E Series Walkman Player utilize the “Clear Audio” technology to produce very clear and high quality sound. The E series models have a high resolution, high contrast 2-inch QVGA LCD screen, with playback up to 30 frames per second.


The E Series Walkman battery will give you 30 hours of music playback and up to 4 hours of video playback. The Player supports different Audio formats like MP3, WMA(DRM), AAC(non DRM), Linear PCM and WMV(DRM) Video format. The player also supports JPEG photos. The E series Walkman player also includes Content Transfer application for simple transfers of digital music files.


Pricing and Availability of Sony E Series Walkman Player

The new Sony E Series Walkman Video MP3 player will be available in red and black colors and in 8 GB and 16 GB capacities. You can buy 8GB Sony E Series Walkman for $80 and Sony E Series Walkman 16GB for $100. You can get them online at, Sony Style retail stores, military base exchanges and authorized dealers nationwide.

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