iPad to Face Stiff Competition Next Year; A Cursory Look at Top 10 iPad Competitors [iPad Alternatives]

Written By Sam on 21 October 2010

Apple’s path breaking creation – the iPad has had a dream run in 2010 with no competitors or challengers to steal its market space. It has been in monopoly ever since its launch in April this year. However, that is soon going to change as there are about 20 other developers who are slated to launch their iPad counterparts before this year ends and early next year.

Here’s a sneak peak at top 10 contenders that aim to give the Apple iPad the run for their money. The list includes only those tablets with at least 7-inch screens and those that have been formally announced by the developers.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab – The most serious contender to the iPad, it is a 7–inch Android 2.2 tablet with a design based on the Samsung Galaxy S smart phones. Loaded with strong specs, Galaxy Tab will be available across multiple carriers. (Galaxy Tab vs iPad)
  2. Cisco Cius – Made for the corporate spaces the Cisco Cius is an enterprise communication and collaboration device. Regular customers might not be interested though existing Cisco customers looking for a corporate controlled tablet might be. It is a 7 – inch Android tablet loaded with a heavy layer of Cisco customization on top.
  3. Blackberry Playbook – Looking to dominate the executive and business professionals’ market space, the Blackberry Playbook aims to stop the momentum that the iPad has picked up with its target market. Built on its own QNX operation system, the device is loaded with a 1 GHz dual core CPU and 1 GB of RAM. Battery life may be an issue, and it won’t arrive until 2011.
  4. Notion Ink Adam – This product is from an Indian company and features 10-inch touch screen, Pixel Qi display, Nvidia Tegra2 and Android 2.2.
  5. ASUS Eee Pad – Promising a launch in the first quarter of 2011, ASUS has claimed that they will be putting out a range of iPad competitors. 9–inch and 12–inch tablets are on the cards. These tablets will run on Windows 7, Windows Embedded Compact, or Android.
  6. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid – Get the 2-in-1 feel with this device. An 11.6 inch multi touch screen, the Lenovo IdeaPad is detachable from its hardware keyboard. The main system runs on Windows 7, though when detached, the screen runs on Linux. Lenovo aims to release the standalone tablet by December this year, though its release with the keyboard has been delayed until 2011.
  7. Archos Tablets – A PDA and tablet company, they have been trying to break into the tablet market for a couple of years. Their 10 inch Android 2.2 stands a good chance in this regard.
  8. ViewSonic ViewPad 100 – This 10-inch tablet dual boots Windows 7 and Android 1.6. It has an LED display, 1 GB of RAM, a 1.66 GHz CPU, and a 16 GB onboard SSD drive.
  9. Toshiba Folio 100 – Unlike the Libretto, this tablet has a single screen form factor. It is a low end model and will have basic features as Toshiba aims to price it as low as possible. It is a 10 – inch tablet and runs on the Nvidia Tegra processor and Android 2.2.
  10. HP Slate 500 – Though it was announced and slated for release before the Apple iPad in January 2010 by CEO, Steve Balmer but that move was cancelled as HP bought Palm and said it was going to create a webOS tablet instead. The tablet was revived this fall and is slated for release soon.

These 10 devices have been in the oven long enough and their developers are now eager to put them out to the consumers and see how far they go in dislodging the iPad’s long solo run. Other tablets to look forward to: LG Android tablet, MSI Windpad 100, ExoPC Slate, Motion J3500, Fusion garage JooJoo, Viliv X70 EX, entourage eDGe, Nefonie We Tab and Augen GenTouch78.

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