ViewSonic NexTV VMP75 Networked Media Player Brings the Internet and Netflix to your Living Room

Written By Sam on 17 June 2010

ViewSonic corporation who were primarily know as a monitor company, now has expanded their services offering range of consumer electronic devices. Their latest release is the NexTV VMP75 a network media player which excites the users. It displays 1080p content from external storage devices or streaming media from home networks and the Internet. Netflix is one of the Internet option which is top online movie subscription service. All those who are members of Netflix can view lots of movies and TV episodes streamed through NexTV VMP75.

Besides Netflix, users can get linked to YouTube,, SHOUTcast Radio, Flickr and much more. You can surf Internet and establish custom RSS feeds through the NexTV’s integrated web browser to get news and global events instantly. It enables users to get connected to your friends via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Music lovers can listen to stored music and it enables to view all your digital photos. Moreover it aids to watch your favorite movies on your TV.

NexTV VMP75 includes HDMI, Composite, S/PDIF, USB and eSATA, with network connectivity via Ethernet port or via 802.11b/g/n with optional wireless adapter. External Keyboard and mouse can be supported by NexTV. NexTV VMP displays full HD 1080p, however the digital content is displayed by Netflix is 720p and most of the thousands of titles streamed from Netflix are in standard definition.

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