Microsoft Zune HD 4.3 Firmware Update Brings Support for 3D Games and Apps

Written By Sam on 8 November 2009

Though many people are interested in the latest iPod Touch, they is a large community which is using the Microsoft Zune HD. If you are one of those who is using the Zune HD, you have got a good news as the Zune team has released the v4.3 firmware update for Zune HD players. This update for Zune HD adds support for upcoming 3D Games and applications, as well as an auto-suggest feature for better text input and other minor improvements.


Zune HD 4.3 firmware is definitely a worth install as it has got faster web browsing experience, Predictive Text, Wider keyboard in landscape mode, Auto capitalization, Dedicated Settings Menu, Better Tap-To-Zoom and ability to scroll when typing a message online. In the music section the artist bios contains links to songs, other artists, and other albums. There is an options now to give the user-agent as desktop rather than mobile for the Zune browser. There are also other improvements and bug fixes in the latest Zune Firmware Update.

Some people have problems updating to the latest firmware of Zune HD. If you also have issues try the below method.

  1. Press POWER/MEDIA (side) buttons together for 15 seconds and wait for the full time or until you see the screen that tells you to connect to use the device.
  2. Now start the Zune desktop software and reconnect your Zune. The update should start right away.

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