1080p HD Videos in Full Resolution on YouTube Coming Very Soon

Written By Sam on 13 November 2009

Now you can enjoy 1080p HD videos on Youtube. With the increasing Internet speeds people are very much interested in watching their favorite videos in very high resolutions. Until now Youtube was supporting HD videos up to a maximum of 720p. Starting from the next week YouTube’s HD mode will be supporting videos in 720p or 1080p, depending on the resolution of the original source.

These days there are many cameras with advanced technologies with support for high resolutions. As devices with high resolutions are increasing daily people are also interested in watching HD videos and the support for 1080p HD Videos on YouTube is definitely a very good move. With this new 1080p HD Video support both creators and the viewers of the videos will have a great eye pleasing experience.

If you are interested in showcasing your work, you can upload your 1080p or above HD videos and YouTube will run the best examples on their homepage in a future spotlight. Also note that if you have already uploaded videos in 1080p, they will be re-encoding the videos to show them at full resolution.

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