5 Free VPN Services and Clients for Safe and Anonymous Browsing

Written By Sam on 26 March 2010

If you are working for an organization that has restricted some of your favorite websites thus stopping access to Internet anonymously, then this article will certainly be very helpful to you. Many of us are not aware that any restricted site can be accessed from anywhere using two ways; one through proxy servers, a bit tedious procedure, and the other way out is through the VPN services. using VPN you can access blocked sites like Hulu from your Office, College or any other place.

For those unaware of VPN, it is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, a source for secure and reliable communication between restricted sites and the remote users. Employees working from home or from different locations in organizations to access data from the company’s portal or website mainly utilize this VPN services. Though most of the VPN services are paid applications, there are many available in the market free too. In this article, we have listed five Free VPN services, which will enable you to access all the restricted websites at an ease.

Free Anonymous Web Surfing With GPass

Gpass is free VPN service that enables users to stream audio/video, check and send email and send instant messages using Window messenger. Users can download content from their favorite restricted site through the Download Manager feature present in GPass. This VPN service does not require any pre-installations and includes features like encrypted socks tunnels and backup tunnels that utilize Skype and Tor as well as integrated application firewall which make it impressive to use.

Keep Your Internet Connection Secure, Private and Anonymous With Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield from Anchorfree is a free VPN service that allows users to access the Internet without being noticed by anyone one. It enables users to hide IP Address and use the Internet anonymously thus protecting your identity on the net. Providing unlimited bandwidth, Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session and is 100% secure through HTTPS encryption. Using Hotspot Shield, you can access all content privately without censorship through the bypass firewalls. Employing the latest VPN technology, Hotspot Shield is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Note: Remember to uncheck the option to install community toolbar while installing HotSpot Shield to be on the safe-side.

Internet Anonymity With CyberGhost Virtual Private Network

CyberGhost is another cool VPN service that offers 1 GB free access of Internet along with the blocked sites per every month. This Free VPN service comes with reliable firewall and 128-bit AES encryption feature that enables surfing anonymously. CyberGhost utilizes amazing compression technology thus provides users with fast browsing features along with impressive amount of traffic space. You can also upgrade to premium version as well for a cost of $14.26 if desired.

Access Blocked Websites With FreeVPN

Using FreeVPN you can access Sites or portals from various geo-graphical locations such as US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, China at an ease. All the blocked sites like pandora.com, hulu.com, BB.co.uk can be accessed from the other country without any issues even if sites are completely blocked. FreeVPN protects you from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices and ISP hubs. You can also use VoIP software like Skype if it is blocked.

Safe Easy and Anonymous Surfing With ItsHidden VPN

ItsHidden is another free VPN solution that is fast and reliable with over 7 Gigabits of Dedicated Bandwidth. ItsHidden.com a FREE surfing privacy service on the Internet with huge capacity and no complicated software to install. It creates a VPN connection that encrypts all your information and is not readable by anyone else so wherever you are your privacy is always maintained! ItsHidden.com works on all Platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone etc.

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