Access Internet via SMS and IVR With HP’s SiteonMobile

Written By Sam on 18 July 2010

HP Labs India has provided a new way to access the Internet where around 300 million Mobile users are benefited by this service and it is known as SiteonMobile. It’s task is to compress the Web and provide it in a simple and voice driven interaction. For instance users can choose their most desired web content and this technology helps to convert the desired web interactions to widgets. Finally the web service can be accessed from your Mobile and Landline.

The popular interactions on websites are packaged into ‘tasklets’ which in turn are executed through SMS or interactive voice response (IVR). Let’s look into an example to understand this better, Users can book a Movie Ticket which is packaged into a simple SMS message some thing like ‘Movie Ticket Inception’. So that you can call a number and say the same command. Creating the ‘tasklets’ is quite easy and you do not require any kind of programming knowledge for the same.

Many people might raise the question why SiteonMobile. Only 50% mobile handsets in India can browse the web, the percentage goes very less in some less developed African and Asian countries. So now you can reach many people even who do not have an Internet connection through SiteonMobile.

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