Add Google Products To Your Blog/Website With Google Web Elements

Written By Sam on 10 September 2009

If you have got a Blog/Website then you can easily add Google products to your sites with Google Web Elements. Google Web Elements provides you an easy way add different Google products like Calendar, Custom Search, Google Maps, Presentations, Spreadsheets and many more, along with features like social conversations from Google Friend Connect.


To add Google Web Elements to your site all you have to do is just choose the features you want and place the code on your website. Currently on the Google Web Elements page you will find Calendar, Conversation, Custom Search, Maps, News, Presentations, Spreadsheets and YouTube News.

Adding Google Web Elements to your Website

  1. Visit Google Web Elements website ( and choose the element that you want to add to your website.
  2. Choose the settings for the element that you require and take a look at the preview.
  3. Place the code on your Webpage where you wish to see the element.

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