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Written By Sam on 27 May 2009
Advertisements Presentations is like an online PowerPoint tool which helps you to create, edit and share presentations with others. Presentations is built on Adobe Flash platform and operates inside a web browser but it looks as if we are working on a desktop presentation application. You can create stunning presentations online by collaborating with others.

adobe-acrobatcom-online-presentations Presentations helps all the team members to work together on the same presentation at the same time. For example: the technical manager might focus on the text and content while the designer will take care of the graphics and color schemes of the presentation. In Presentations there is no chance of two people modifying one slide at the same time. So there are very less chances of any conflicts or overwriting. As everything is done online there is no need of any email attachments.


The important and unique feature of Presentations is that you can upload Flash FLV videos into your presentations. As we add images to the slides, the videos can also be added the same way. You can also create illustrations with a wide range of shapes such as circles, squares, chevrons, and arrows, a spectrum of colors and effects such as gradient, shadow, glow, or reflection.

If you are interested in sharing the presentation, the person on the other side should also have ID to view the slides. You can only export the slides out from as PDF files which is not possible to edit in another applications. Presentations really helps when the deadline is approaching, as all the colleagues can work simultaneously on the same slides from anywhere. You can also use Presentations for your blog presentations. Your presentation is always available online. Presentations supports Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

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