Airtel Champions League T20 (CLT20) 2010 Match Schedule, Timings, Fixtures, Prize Money and Teams

Written By Sam on 10 September 2010

The Airtel Champions League Twenty20 is an international Twenty20 Cricket competition between club teams from India, Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and West Indies. The tournament, which will be held from 10 to 26 September 2010 in South Africa, will feature 10 domestic Twenty20 sides and is considered to be the next best to IPL. So if you loved the IPL then you will be definitely enjoying to watch Champions League T20 2010. CLT20 consists of three teams of Indian Premier League along with seven other domestic teams of other participating nations. CLT20 would be played at South Africa’s four venues – Durban, Port Elizabeth, Centurion and Johannesburg.

Champions League T20 2010 Teams

Group A : Chennai Super Kings, Warriors, Victorian Bushrangers, Wayamba Elevens, Central Stags

Group B : Mumbai Indians, Highveld Lions, South Australian Redbacks, Royal Challengers Bangalore, West Indies Domestic T20 Winner

Prize money

The prize money for CLT20 is same as the previous tournament, the total prize money for the competition is US$6 million. In addition to the prize money, each team receives a participation fee of $500,000. The prize money will be distributed as follows:

$200,000 – Each team eliminated in the group stage
$500,000 – Each semi-finalist
$1.3 million – Runners-up
$2.5 million – Winners

Champions League T20 2010 Schedule

Date  GMT  Match Details  Venue
Sep 10, 2010  15:30 Mumbai vs LIONS, 1st T20  Johannesburg
Sep 11, 2010  11:30 Warriors vs WAY, 2nd T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 11, 2010  15:30 Stags vs Chennai, 3rd T20  Durban
Sep 12, 2010  11:30 LIONS vs Redbacks, 4th T20  Centurion
Sep 12, 2010  15:30 Bangalore vs TBC, 5th T20  Centurion
Sep 13, 2010  15:30 VIC vs Warriors, 6th T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 14, 2010  15:30 Mumbai vs Redbacks, 7th T20  Durban
Sep 15, 2010  11:30 Stags vs WAY, 8th T20  Centurion
Sep 15, 2010  15:30 Chennai vs WAY, 9th T20  Centurion
Sep 16, 2010  15:30 Mumbai vs TBC, 10th T20  Durban
Sep 17, 2010  15:30 Bangalore vs Redbacks, 11th T20  Durban
Sep 18, 2010  11:30 Stags vs Warriors, 12th T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 18, 2010  15:30 Chennai vs VIC, 13th T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 19, 2010  11:30 LIONS vs TBC, 14th T20  Johannesburg
Sep 19, 2010  15:30 Mumbai vs Bangalore, 15th T20  Durban
Sep 20, 2010  15:30 VIC vs WAY, 16th T20  Centurion
Sep 21, 2010  11:30 Redbacks vs TBC, 17th T20  Johannesburg
Sep 21, 2010  15:30 LIONS vs Bangalore, 18th T20  Johannesburg
Sep 22, 2010  11:30 Stags vs WAY, 19th T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 22, 2010  15:30 Chennai vs Warriors, 20th T20  Port Elizabeth
Sep 24, 2010  15:30 TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi Final T20  Durban
Sep 25, 2010  15:30 TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi Final T20  Centurion
Sep 26, 2010  15:30 TBC vs TBC, Final T20  Johannesburg

Airtel Champions League T20 2010 Schedule PDF

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