Beta version of Google Chrome available for Mac and Linux Along With Chrome Extensions

Written By Sam on 10 December 2009

Most awaited Beta version of Google Chrome is now available for the Mac and Linux users. The beta version of Google Chrome focuses on a combination of a clean, simple design with gratifying animations and effects along with a satisfying speed browsing experience on OS X. The speed at which Chrome renders the pages on both Linux and Mac machines is quick and very impressive.

Working well on Gnome as well as KDE, Google Chrome can be updated through the normal system package manager. It is a true open source project featuring public mailing lists, bug tracker, IRC channels, code repository, and continuous build and test farm. However, Chrome for Mac and Linux misses upon few features, which it’s Windows counterpart offers.

Beta version of Google Chrome available for Mac and Linux Along With Chrome Extensions

Here are few listed below which may be grayed out in the new beta Chrome:

64-bit Support: The new beta Chrome is 32-bit, unlike the Snow Leopard’s which focuses on 64-bit performance, which may make it substandard against Snow Leopard, it may cause few issues in earlier stages of new beta release, though the browser is amazingly fast.

Multi-touch Gestures: This beta of Chrome does not provide multi touch gestures. The trackpad and the Magic Mouse’s multi-touch gestures are not enabled in the new beta version. It is a big back-draw of new beta, as it affects the users who depend on multi-touch, especially in terms of mobile computing.

App Mode: The App mode option of Chrome, which provides an ability to create Fluid-like single site browser instances that work more like apps than websites though present in the new beta version, is grayed out as of now. This feature works great for Gmail, Google Docs, and any other web app that has its own dashboard, menus, etc. Excepting to see much of this feature in the future updates of the beta Chrome.

Gears: Though Gears is dead as per a recent announcement, but for now the existing implementation of Gears in the beta version of Chrome is appreciable.

Installation process of the Linux version Google Chrome is quite simple and straightforward, and is available in 32-bit and 64-bit packages for Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, openSUSE and Fedora. It is suggested for the Users who installed the dev channel version of Chrome prior to the release of this beta, to uninstall the previous version before installing the new beta.

Along with Chrome for Linux and Mac Google also announced about Extensions in Google Chrome for Windows and Linux. With extensions you can easily customize your Google Chrome Browser to suit your needs. You can check out the extensions at

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