Create Facebook Applications With Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform

Written By Sam on 11 November 2009

Microsoft, which invested nearly $240 million in Facebook, now released a Software Development kit (SDK) for Facebook as a part of its ongoing partnership with Facebook. This SDK comes with many sample codes and tools that allow developers to create Facebook applications in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Siverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows forms enabling an easy consumption of Facebook services delivered through Facebook Open Stream API.

Microsoft’s SDK for Facebook is a powerful combination of Web, client, and social technologies, which enables millions of developers to transform their creativity and imagination into next generation application experiences ranging from Visual Studio to Zune, Xbox Live, Windows Messenger, Live Search and other future technologies. This SDK may be a pathway to expand the Facebook for third party applications.


Microsoft SDK toolkit provides Rich social features and Ready-made Facebook controls for easy Facebook applications development. This SDK comprises of ASP.NET library with Connect sites or canvas applications using APIs, controls, templates help documentation and much more included within. Integrating Facebook Connect into Silverlight, WPF, or Winforms applications becomes a very easy task using this SDK.

Microsoft Facebook SDK Toolkit

Facebook.dll: This assembly has all the logic to handle communication with the Facebook application along with specific support of XAML applications (Silverlight and WPF) to enhance the Facebook platform to make databinding and data caching easier.

Facebook.Silverlight.dll: This is the Silverlight version of the main assembly. This has got specific support of XAML applications to enhance the Facebook platform to make data binding and data caching easier. The REST API in this assembly is Asynchronous only.

Facebook.Web.dll: This assembly should be used by Canvas applications. The main functionality supported in this assembly is to encapsulate the handshake between the Facebook application and a canvas application (both FBML and IFrame).

Facebook.Web.Mvc.dll: This assembly essentially provides a support building canvas applications using ASP.NET MVC. Facebook.Web.Mvc.dll is separated from Facebook.Web.dll to avoid developers from needing to install the MVC bits.

Facebook.Winforms.dll: This assembly provides support for writing Facebook applications using the Winform technology. This provides a Component that wraps the API to make it easier to use from Winforms and also contains some user controls to help display Facebook data easily.

Microsoft SDK now ranks one among the other supported libraries of Facebook, beside PHP, JavaScript, iPhone, Adobe ActionScript 3.0, and This SDK is the latest move by Microsoft for making the Web more social.

Microsoft SDK for Facebook

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