Facebook Enables Download Your Information, Grouping of Friends and Access Log of Apps

Written By Sam on 8 October 2010

Facebook has introduced three new features aimed at enabling users greater control over their pages on the social networking site. These include archiving your information into a downloadable format; adding transparency to how your data is being used by apps; and a group feature that allow users to group friends by activity, interest, or any other criterion – basically build groups within the social network.

Download Your Information

  • Facebook gathers all details you have entered on Facebook, including photos, wall posts and other information
  • Compiles the details and transforms them into a .zip archive
  • The .zip archive is downloadable and is provided to you on demand
  • To protect your information, this feature is only available after confirming your password and answering appropriate security questions.

Apps dashboard

  • A privacy update
  • Integrates all apps you have ever used, including permissions granted and other details
  • Detailed access log
  • Manage the access apps have to your information.

Facebook Group

  • Group friends by interest, activity or any other criterion
  • Each group gets a unique e-mail address. Anything sent to that address will automatically appear on the group’s wall.
  • Enables group chats, communications via email
  • Introduces document collaboration

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