Facebook Gets Faster, Simpler Photo Uploads With Facebook Plug-In

Written By Sam on 6 February 2010

Finally, Facebook, the most popular social networking website is set to implement innovative techniques in its photo uploader. Unlike the current outdated method, which is slow and a bit confusing for the beginners, Facebook will very soon provide a new browser plug in easing the way to upload.

According to the Facebook, this improvised Facebook photo uploader will enable users asynchronously upload photos, which indicate that the users can navigate away from the upload page, or even navigate away from Facebook page completely while the photos upload in the background (Yippee!). When users upload their very first photo using the new photo uploader, Facebook will provide them a plug in to install. Upon installing this Facebook Plug-In, users get to view a window or dialogue box, which enables them to select pictures by navigating through various folders of the computer that makes uploading process comparatively much easier. With more than 400 million members in it, Facebook has successfully completed six years and with many such impressive improvements it will certainly grab more too.

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