GameCrush Sheds Beta Tag, Gamers Can Pay $.60 Per Minute For Flirty Interactive Game Sessions

Written By Sam on 30 September 2010

Gadgets, Gaming, Women… What kind of combination is that? Deadly, particularly for male gamers who would not mind a sprinkle of fun element thrown in by attractive female gamers. You might think this is beginning to sound risque. In fact, that’s what some think GameCrush actually is – a risque, even porovocative, game that had been running in its beta version since last March and has now gone live. And it’s meant for gamers over 18 years of age.

What the game is about

GameCrush allows anyone over 18 years of age to find their PlayDate by browsing rich media profiles and chatting live with online PlayDates. Players can also purchase credits to use for a live one-on-one PlayDate gaming session featuring two-way video & audio, text chat and any number of multiplayer console as well as casual PC games. Members who join as PlayDates also have the opportunity to get paid to play.

Features of GameCrush

  • Supports any game in a Player or PlayDate’s online multiplayer library, including open-ended games, co-op games and competitive games
  • Players and PlayDates also have access to GameCrush’s own online web-based casual games
  • Players and PlayDates have profile tools including chat, images, video, blogs and private messaging
  • Players and PlayDates can be rated by each other after each game session
  • PlayDates maintain full control over their gaming environment

Players pay $.60 per minute. The company said PlayDates can earn $20 or more per hour while playing in a video and text chat-enabled one-on-one game session. It also noted that GameCrush users are not anonymous, and there are also remedies like banning of IP address if gaming threatens to get ugly.

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