Gmail Labs to Graduate Search Autocomplete, Go To Label, Forgotten Attachment Detector, YouTube Previews, Custom Label Colors and Vacation Dates

Written By Sam on 25 February 2010

Gmail Labs, an add-on introduced over a year and a half ago, that allows users to experiment new features in Gmail is now set to make several changes into it by retiring five and graduating six Gmail Labs features. Depending on usage and feedback from the user, Gmail labs enhanced the Gmail features in order to provide effectiveness for all the potential users.

Features like Muzzle, Fixed Width Font, Email Addict, Location in Signature, Random Signature are completely bidding good-bye from the Gmail Labs. Whereas, Gmail Labs will permanently include six features into Gmail that include Search Autocomplete, Go To Label, Forgotten Attachment Detector, YouTube Previews, Custom Label Colors and Vacation Dates. These six features included in Gmail are graduated with many improvements that enable users to find things easily as well as quickly.

Features of six applications added to Gmail from Labs

  • Search Autocomplete” enables users to search quickly and easily by just typing in the Gmail search box. Once the user types-in the search keyword, Gmail immediately suggests terms that might help them find what they looking for – starting from contact names to labels and advanced search operators. However, this application is available only for English as of now.
  • Go To Label” is integrated into “Search Autocomplete” in the Gmail Labs. Unlike the old Go To Label, the latest Go To Label will provide the users with a new search box having “label:” operator that is automatically filled in. The users can have keyboard shortcuts turned on and just type “g” then “l” to use Go To Label feature.
  • Forgotten Attachment Detector” looks for phrases written by the users in their emails and provides an alert whenever they forget to attach the documents, thus helping them not to forget any attachments.
  • YouTube Previews” application enables users to view the YouTube previews right below the message instead of pondering over for a new window to load in order to watch the video.
  • Custom Label Colors” application provides more than 4000 possible color combinations thus enabling users to make a wider choice for a best palette.
  • Vacation Dates” application enables users to specify dates that they might be away (might be for vacation!) in advance and hence organize emails accordingly.

Though retiring features is a bit disappointing for people using them, but these six applications from Gmail Labs are certain to impress all the users of Gmail very soon!

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