Google AdWords API v2009 (Beta) Available for Developers and Advertisers

Written By Sam on 29 August 2009

All the developers can now use the AdWords API v2009. The latest AdWords API, v2009 offers new features and greater speed at a lower cost. There is a AdWords API v2009 sandbox available to all users for experimentation and testing the latest features of Google Adwords API.

New Features in AdWords API v2009

AdWords API v2009 is a rewrite of the API that allows closer feature parity with the AdWords Front-End. Some of the changes you’ll find in v2009

  • New web services for managing campaign targeting options and campaign-level criteria.
  • All web services share a consistent, data-centric interface with get and mutate operations.
  • Secure authentication token replaces the login credentials required in v13 request headers.

Though v2009 appears significantly different the fundamental concepts of AdWords API remain the same.

  • Parent-child relationships between campaigns, ad groups, ads and criteria are not changed.
  • Service-entity relationships are unchanged.
  • Features exposed through fields and child objects, though reorganized in v2009, expose similar functionality.

There is also a “Migrating to v2009” article that outlines the changes you’ll need to make to your client application when you are planning to jump from v13 to v2009. Over the next couple of months Google will be releasing more functionality like asynchronous calls, partial failure acceptance, keyword optimization tools and reporting.

To get started you can use the sandbox which doesn’t charge for API units, and all you need to access it is your current Google Account username and password.

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