Hack PlayStation 3 With Portable Devices Using PSFreedom

Written By Sam on 11 September 2010

Recently we wrote about the ultimate jailbreaking tool of PS3 – PSGroove, a open source project that’s allowed the program to be ported or revised to work on numerous other devices. Now we have new software called PSFreedom that hacks PS3 via portable devices. PSFreedom, developed by KaKaRoTo, is a PS3 Jailbreak Linux Kernel that uses musb driver to access the PS3’s USB address, modify it and crack the protected code to jailbreak it.

Simulating a gadget device that runs on Linux as a USB hub, PSFreedom implements same functionalities as in PSJailBreak and PSGroove for Jailbreaking PS3 thus allowing users to play unauthorized games and applications. Source code of PSFreedom can be obtained from the official website – http://github.com/kakaroto/PSFreedom and like PSGroove, you can port this source code to work on many other gadgets and portable devices at an ease. For utilizing PSFreedom on a device, all you to do is modify psfreedom_machine.c and then implement the functions and changes to Makefile for that particular device and compile the code. Once compiled you can use the code to jailbreak various gadgets.

PSFreedom might not work with all the available devices as it might require USB controllers that support Slave mode. However, PSFreedom that comes with device specific binary for various gadgets is certainly worth trying!

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