Discover iGoogle Homepages Created by Celebrities and Thought Leaders at iGoogle Showcase

Written By Sam on 4 June 2009

iGoogle is a service from Google which allows you to create a personalized homepage that contains a Google search box at the top, and your choice of any number of gadgets below. iGoogle is basically a customizable AJAX-based startpage wherein you can add your favorite gadgets to get all the information at a single location. You can add different Gadgets which come in lots of different forms and provide access to activities and information from all across the web, without ever having to leave your personalized iGoogle page.


There are many Gadgets related to Sports, Music, News etc. Here are some things you can do with gadgets

  • View your latest Gmail messages.
  • Read headlines from your favorite blogs, Google News and other top news sources.
  • You can check out weather forecasts, stock quotes, movie showtimes.
  • Store bookmarks for quick access to your favorite sites from any computer.
  • Design your own gadget for customized information.

Now Google is Introducing the iGoogle Showcase where you can discover new and interesting gadgets and themes as you browse iGoogle homepages created by world-renowned celebrities and thought leaders like Al Gore, Demi Moore, Kevin Rose, Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington and many more. You can even add the stuff they like to your own homepage with just a click.

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