Make Your BlackBerry Look Like iPhone 4 With iPlus4 Theme For BlackBerry

Written By Sam on 25 July 2010

iPlus4 is a new BlackBerry theme announced by BerryMobi which makes your BlackBerry look like an iPhone 4. This theme for BlackBerry seems to be far better than the other themes in existence. iPlus4 comes with many interesting features which will be liked by all BlackBerry users. 3–Mode home screen is one of the unique feature available in iPlus4. It consists of 3 different home screen layout and users can alter it as per their taste.

3 Different Home Screen Modes

Full Mode: The theme begins with Full mode which imitates the iPhone layout displaying all 16 icons and in case of Strom version 18 icons are displayed on the home screen.

Wallpaper Mode: To get this mode, touch the apple icon at the bottom, now the wallpaper is available for you without showing the icons. However the top banner and bottom dock control alone is displayed in this mode.

Mini Mode: When you touch the Apple icon once again, the Mini mode comes with bottom 4 icons which are used very often and shows you the rest of the wall paper. This mode is very neat and also useful.

Hidden calendar and Messages are the added functionality supported by all the 3 modes and these are displayed at the touch of the buttons. Further other shortcuts are also available in these modes which the users would have not seen in any BlackBerry themes which includes Manage Connections, Clock, Profiles and Quick Launch.

iPlus4 BlackBerry Theme Features

  • 3 Home Screen Modes: FULL, WALLPAPER, MINI
  • Hidden Today for Messages and Calendar
  • 16 customizable icons (18 for non-Storm phones)
  • QuickLaunch shortcut (form Storm versions see shortcut diagram below, space bar for non-Storm versions)
  • Signal meter shortcut = Manage Connections
  • Clock shortcut = Clock
  • Battery meter shortcut = Options
  • SMS/MMS shortcut ($ key, non-Storm versions only)
  • Profiles shortcut

Download iPlus4 Theme For BlackBerry

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