Moonlight – Open Source Implementation of Microsoft Silverlight for Unix

Written By Sam on 12 May 2009

Microsoft Silverlight is a free framework for building new web applications without thinking about target platform or browse. With Silverlight you can use all the familiar features, languages and tools of the .NET framework to build Rich Interactive Applications(RIA) for the web which can run on popular web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera etc.

Microsoft Silverlight is available for Windows only; But if you are a fan of Linux then you can try out Moonlight which is an open source implementation of Silverlight primarily targeted for Linux and other Unix/X11 based operating systems. You can install the Moonlight Firefox addon to enjoy the websites that are built using Silverlight.


The latest Moonlight 2.0 Preview 2 is the new version of Novell’s Silverlight-compatible plugin which is compatible with Silverlight 2.0 and allows managed code execution in the browser. The latest version of Moonlight comes with DeepZoom functionality, Negotiated layout, support for textbox input method and couple of new development tools like xamlg, respack, and mxap. There are couple of Silverlight 3.0 features available in Moonlight 2.0 which include easing functions for animations, SaveFileDialog, MultiScaleImage, MediaStreamSource with support for PCM audio data, RGBA and YV12 video data and WriteableBitmap.

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