Rent Movies, TV Shows, Animation and Cartoons, Travel, Learning and Education Videos on YouTube

Written By Sam on 23 April 2010

You can now rent Movies, Videos and TV Shows from YouTube. Apart from watching the Millions of Free Videos you can also rent your favorite videos from YouTube for prices starting at 99 cents. Sadly YouTube Rental is currently available for US users only. To Rent a YouTube Video all you have to do is just login to your YouTube account and rent any of your favorite Movie, TV Show, Animation and Cartoons, Travel Videos, Documentary & Biography, Learning and Education Videos.

How To Rent Videos on YouTube With YouTube Rental

  • Goto to find any of your Favorite Movies and Videos.
  • Just click on your favorite video and you can see information about the rental period and video price after you logged-in to your account.
  • If you are interested you can pay for the video using Google Checkout with any of your Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards.
  • Once your payment is successful you can watch the video for the specified time.

YouTube Rentals is still in the nascent stage and requires much more functionality and better user experience to drag more users.

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