Safari 5 For Mac and PC Adds Even Greater HTML5 Support

Written By Sam on 8 June 2010

The new evolution in the web standards has been bought forth by HTML 5, and is successfully proven by its support in one of the best innovative browser Safari 5. Apple has chosen to be with HTML 5 for its high end features thus making Safari 5 the best browser of the recent times. HTML5 allows the developers to create interactive content within the browser without any need of extra plug ins. Apple’s love towards open source made it to ditch Adobe Flash and use HTML5.

HTML5 video can deliver very rich and accessible experience to its users with its video tag in full screen, which includes closed captions button to display them.

ri 5 Supported HTML5 Features

  • HTML5 <audio>, HTML5 <video> and HTML5 <canvas>
  • Full screen for <video>
  • HTML5 <header>
  • Closed captions for <video>
  • HTML5 AJAX history
  • HTML5 <section>
  • EventSource
  • HTML5 <ruby>
  • HTML5 <article>
  • HTML5 <footer>
  • HTML5 <section>
  • HTML5 sandboxed <iframe>
  • HTML5 AJAX history
  • EventSource and WebSocket
  • HTML5 draggable attribute
  • HTML5 forms validation
  • HTML5 <hgroup>

HTML5 helps its users find business by giving their current location with websites that use to give helpful information like nearest post office or ATM. It is a very secured feature as even the user can disable the service location.

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