Test Your Website/Blog on Multiple Browsers With Adobe BrowserLab

Written By Sam on 6 June 2009

Today morning I was designing a new site and was looking to try it out in different browsers to check the inconsistencies and found a very useful tool to do that; Adobe BrowserLab. BrowserLab is a new service launched by Adobe which allows Web developers to quickly have a preview of their site on various browsers running on different operating systems. Adobe systems Inc is offering a preview of its BrowserLab service in beta version for Free.

Previously adobe had previewed the technology code-named Meer Meer which is a BrowserLab. It shows the web designers how a web-site will look like in latest browsers and operating systems. The list of Browsers and operating systems that are supported for now is: Firefox 2 and 3 running on Windows XP and OS X, Internet Explorer 6 and 7 running on Windows XP and Safari on OS X. The service requires a Mac or a PC with the Adobe Flash 10 plugin installed.


One of the biggest challenges for Web designers is testing their website on multiple browser as it was a difficult and time-intensive task. Now Adobe BrowseLab has a simple solution to the designers which enables comprehensive browser compatibility testing in just few minutes with which the designers are left with more time to be creative and deliver the high-impact sites. Adobe BrowseLab is mainly aimed at freelance web designers or small web design firms who would not have the capabilities of testing their sites on all the browsers and operating systems. Adobe BrowserLab cuts down the cost for clients as some of the design shops don’t have the resources to support all the browsers. Though Adobe BrowserLabs supports limited browsers, it would be a very useful tool for budding developers. BowserLab has got “Onion Skin View” feature which superimposes one screenshot over the other to see the differences between different renderings. BrowserLab is also integrated with Dreamweaver CS4.

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  1. TechZoomIn says:

    Good tip dude…I’ll just try my new theme compatibility on all browsers.

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