Top 5 Online Backup, Online Storage and File Sync Services

Written By Sam on 15 April 2010

There are many popular online backup services that allow you to automatically back up data and synchronize stored files offline. Online backup method is more reliable than the traditional backup method where you save data to an external hard drive or to a partitioned part of your hard drive. However, selecting the best backup service from the many available is a difficult task and sometimes Online Backup Reviews will help you in deciding something quickly. In order to assist you in selecting the suitable service, we listed 5 Top Online Backup Services in this article that are really worth a try!

SugarSync Online Backup Service

SugarSync is an amazing Online Service that provides data backup service amongst multiple computers and also syncs and shares data as well. Apart from the popular Operating Systems, SugarSync is compatible with most of the handsets. SugarSync is the only online data backup service that is compatible with most of the major smart phones including the handsets based on sophisticated Android platform.

With greater usability in online mobile and desktop interfaces, SugarSync abilities to perform automatic backups, manage folders, share folders, display a photo gallery, store mobile photos and many more. Using SugarSycn, you can assign permissions to the files and folders you created, the backing up of files can be executed by simple drag, and drop of the data into the desired folder and it can perform incremental syncs. Providing essential back up features, SugarSync includes tools(Magic Briefcase) and features unseen in other Online backup services, that enables you to sync data as well as share and edit selected data using the Internet. Supporting Mac, Vista, and XP, all the versions of SugarSync will contain sharing tools along with an interesting Pro upgrade for accessing advanced features.

SugarSync Features

  • Support for Mac, Vista and XP.
  • Compatible with most of the smart phones including those with Android platform
  • No limitation of data transfer, sending files of any size from smart phones
  • Sync information between computer and mobile devices
  • Ability to sync, edit, view and share data across multiple computers and multiple handsets
  • Ability to stream music to web client and iPhone
  • Feature to upload images onto the Facebook

Dropbox Online Backup Service

Dropbox is another online backup tool that offers a free version with 2GB storage space wherein the Pro versions of 50GB and 100GB for only $9.99 and $19.99 per month. Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux computers, this service allows users to sync data, share folders, collaborate folders, share links, add photos to the gallery along with many other functions.

Though you cannot configure idle backups using Dropbox, this service is very handy and includes sharing tools and a free iPhone/iPod touch application thus providing users an effective backup service. Using the iPhone and iPod Touch tool, you can access, view files as well as images in the Dropbox and rejoice the referral incentives for free memory upgrades.

Dropbox Features

  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux computers
  • Share files but public and with permissions
  • Available an undo for Unlimited times
  • Free Dropbox iPhone and iPod Touch apps
  • Sync in between multiple computers

IBackup Online Backup Service

IBackup is a online backup service that has many versions along with many options available in the market. IBackup provides users with many plans (10 GB to 1000 GB of backup storage space) based on your requirement at an affordable price. With simple user interface, IBackup provides easy scheduling and organizing of the backup files.

Managing versions, images and locating files or folders in IBackup service is quite simple and hardly takes any time. Though a bit costly, this service supports selective backup for all types of files such as Internet type files like MSN and Yahoo messenger, Mozilla FireFox, and Internet Explorer bookmarks, favorites and many more. IBackup provides most comprehensive backup tools along with enhanced security features.

IBackup Features

  • Support for numerous versions and platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix
  • Support for nearly 256-bit AES encryption for user-defined keys
  • Physical storage and Plans from 10 to 1000 GB
  • Features character sets for most major languages

IDrive Online Backup Service

IDrive online backup service that allows users to manage multiple account at a single go is an interesting backup tool available in the market. Working upon a proxy network, IDrive utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption for transfers and 256-bit AES encryption for storage.

IDrive enables you to schedule backups, manage bandwidth use, perform fast restores and backup data on mapped drives at an ease. This service also provides back up for Outlook, QuickBooks and Quicken files. the With tremendous backup service, IDrive provides 2GB account for free, however the Pro verisons of IDrive would cost around $9.95 per month for 50GB, $19.95 per month for 100GB and $49.95 per month for 500GB.

IDrive Features

  • Manage multiple accounts through a single account
  • Deleted files are backed up for 30 days
  • Backup file changes for every 10 minutes
  • Backup for Outlook, QuickBooks and Quicken files
  • Saves nearly 30 versions of a file
  • Confined bandwidth usage

ElephantDrive Online Backup Service

ElephantDrive is a good online backup tool that offers a variety of plans related to storage and versioning of data at an exceptional price that encaptivates users. Using ElephantDrive online backup service, you can schedule backups, share tools, map network drive backup and maintain file versioning easily. You can backup all kinds of files( Images, music, word documents, etc) as well as backup the selected folders.

With enhanced security features, ElephantDrive uses SSL connection and 256-bit AES encryption technology to store the information. However, the user interface of ElephantDrive is not that impressive, the price structure of this service is remarkable. The personal use accounts of unlimited storage costs around $4.95 per month wherein the business accounts with unlimited storage are only $34.95 per month. Providing different transfer rate abilities per version, ElephantDrive also offers good collaboration tools for large work groups making it unique than other services.

ElephantDrive Features

  • Secure link that provides secure access to large files
  • Support for all kinds of file formats – Images, music, and word documents.
  • Utilization of SSL connection and 256-bit AES encryption technology to store the information
  • Unlimited personal online storage costs around $4.95/month and business accounts for $34.95 per month
  • Capabilities to Work group sub-accounts for collaboration (Pro)

If you are using any of the above services or if you feel that any other service should be featured here then do let us know about it through the comment section.

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  1. Alex says:

    Nice set of reviews. I used both Dropbox and ElephantDrive. Dropbox is more like a quick access thing for me and ElephantDrive is the backup tool. Both have their uses. Love the absence of interface in Drop and like the Edrive interface (it actually looks different than the screen shots you have – maybe a new release?).

  2. LingonLife says:

    Online Backup is good and has it’s place but there are other players in the marketplace that offer a unique approach. One such is icloud, an online computer that provides a virtual desktop, online storage and backup and a diverse range of applications that optimize sharing ones files, photos and videos with friends, family and/or the internet.

  3. Brad says:

    I recommend Iozeta unlimited online backup for online storage. The best there is on the market.

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