Ubuntu One – Web Based File Sync & Sharing for Ubuntu

Written By Sam on 20 May 2009

Canonical has introduced a new online file storage for Ubuntu lovers: Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One is currently an invitation based beta with which you can Store, Sync and Share your data. This pretty much looks like a unique and innovative way of integrating cloud-style computing into most popular Linux desktop.


Ubuntu one is an official website which features a convenient web interface, synchronization between multiple machines for systems running Ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty Jackalope). Once Ubuntu One client is installed on your machine you can add your machine to your Ubuntu One account and start using it. Currently the user gets 2GB of storage for FREE, and an Upgradation with $10 provides 10GB of storage. Since it is providing web interface, this offers access when you are away from your computer.

Unlike other services like Dropbox, Ubuntu one supports only one single operating system, Ubuntu. But third party developers can adapt the Ubuntu One client to other platforms such as Mac OSX or windows. In the meanwhile, I request Ubuntu 9.04 users to try out this trial version for 2GB storage space from Ubuntu One.

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