Visa CodeSure Cards With Alpha Numeric Display and 12 Button Keypad For Better Security

Written By Sam on 24 July 2010

All the Visa Debit, Credit, Prepaid, or commercial card users can now rejoice much secured online transactions as Visa Europe announced Visa CodeSure that would intensive authentication on processes to bridle the online frauds. After many consumer pilots and rigorous testing procedures, the commercial version of Visa CodeSure is now fully available for customers, which is certainly a major step towards the online security by Visa Europe.

Customers will be provided with Visa CodeSure card that features alpha-numeric display, a 12-button keypad and a battery embedded in the card. The cardholder will require entering their PIN for each online transaction, through which the Visa CodeSure card will prevent any unauthorized use. Providing multi-channel authentication technology in a single convenient Visa card for consumers, Visa CodeSure also allows users to access third party services such as corporate virtual private networks (VPN) or frequent flyer programmes or even other online services at an ease.

Various services provided by Visa CodeSure card

  • PIN generated One-time-passcode Visa payments, online banking access and telephone banking services
  • Uses specific elements such as Account Reference Number or amount of transaction for Transaction signing of online banking services
  • Capabilities to access third party services such as corporate virtual private networks (VPN) or frequent flyer programmes as well as other online services at an ease

Validating Process of the transactions takes three steps

  1. Once the card user logs in using the Visa CodeSure card in order to shop or transact amount, he/she have to activate the authentication process by pressing the “Verified by Visa” option button on the card’s keypad
  2. The consumer when prompted should input their PIN through the embedded keypad of the card
  3. After the PIN is entered cardholder will be provided with a unique one-time-passcode appears on the card’s display, this one-time password authenticates the transactions made from the card.

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