Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi Direct to Support Direct Wi-Fi Connections

Written By Sam on 15 October 2009

Here is new simple way to print, share and display with Wi-Fi direct, a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi transfer method. It is not only simple method but also convenient way of connecting with another gadget. The upcoming Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct program will make it easy to connect devices directly to one another in a new kind of Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Alliance is approaching the finishing point of a new arrangement to allow Wi-Fi devices to link together without connecting to any fixed home, workplace or any hotspot network.


Device makers can implement this specification in any Wi-Fi device ranging from printers, cameras, mobile phones and laptops to human interface devices such as keyboards and earphones. These innovative devices can able to make a one-to-one connection and also connect to a group of devices simultaneously.

It is best for all Wi-Fi users worldwide to connect, share and to transfer any data very quickly and it is also an easy method. It is very helpful for all consumers and enterprise to stay in touch all the time, as it offers management features which will facilitate any enterprise environments, and includes WPA2 security. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct devices supports usual Wi-Fi ranges and you can connect it from across a home or office and perform the tasks with ease in minutes. This new Wi-Fi Direct will definitely be going to compete with Bluetooth.

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  1. WiFizz says:

    Thanks for the post! Looking forward to many new developments in Wi-Fi Direct in the very near future!

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