Work Together on Spreadsheets With Tables From Labs

Written By Sam on 15 June 2009

Sometime back we covered about Presentations on how to “Create Online Presentations With Adobe’s Presentations“. Now Adobe has added – Tables on Labs. Tables is the recent addition on which joins presentations and Buzzword. With Tables you can work and share information related project management task lists, budget planning, sales lead pipelines, contacts and many more. Tables look similar to spreadsheet but Tables are easy to use than simple databases and table features in spreadsheets with all the functions which users would prefer.


The main problem with online collaboration is working together simultaneously on spreadsheet. But now with Acrobat’s Tables you can easily work as a team. It is designed for helping people work simultaneously, and to keep polite interactions when a group of people are working on a worksheet.

Features of Tables from Labs

  • Shared worksheets: The data can be added simultaneously by all the users working on it.
  • Presence: You can know who and from where the people are working on the table.
  • Private and Common views: Without disturbing others who are working on the sheet, you can see the information which is important for you.
  • Filtering: without the need of opening a dialogue box for every change, you can play with the data and adjust your filters in real time.
  • Sorting: Provides Quick and simple mechanisms to sort the data.

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