Yahoo Announces Yahoo! User Interface Library(YUI) 3.0’s First GA Release

Written By Sam on 30 September 2009

Yahoo announced the availability of YUI 3.0.0. YUI 3’s core infrastructure (YUI, Node and Event) and its utility suite (Animation, IO, Drag & Drop and more) are all considered production-ready with the today’s release. Yahoo! User Interface Library or commonly called YUI is a collection of industrial-grade JavaScript utilities and widgets which can help you to efficiently get the most out of today’s powerful browsers. YUI 3.0 is the same code that runs the Yahoo home page.


Yahoo! User Interface Library 3.0 Features

Selector-driven: YUI 3 is built on one of the fastest and lightest selector engine. It brings in the expressive power of the CSS selector specification into actions that target DOM nodes.
Syntactically terse: YUI 3 supports a more terse coding style in which you can accomplish a lot more with less code.
Self-completing: YUI 3’s light (6.2KB gzipped) seed file can serve as the starting point for any implementation. You can load any module in the library on the fly as long as this seed file is present on the web page. Moreover all modules brought into the page via the built-in loader are done so via combo-handled, non-blocking HTTP requests which makes loading the library safe, easy and fast.
Sandboxed: YUI modules are bound to YUI instances when you use() them; this protects you against changes that might happen later in the page’s lifecycle.

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