Watch YouTube Videos on Your TV & Big Screens With YouTube XL

Written By Sam on 3 June 2009

YouTube has unveiled the latest “YouTube XL” which allows you to experience the YouTube website on your TV. YouTube XL brings vast majority of YouTube’s content on to your TV or your computer which has got a large monitor. Its already live now and you can check it out at

YouTube XL is a redesigned version of the YouTube website which is optimized for watching YouTube videos on large screens. You can even experience it on your web browser without having to download anything. It has got a user friendly interface and currently it doesn’t have any ads, suggested videos and comments. The best aspect of YouTube XL is that it works on any device which has a browser and which can be connected to TV. The Wii can use the new site and you can even use it through your PSP.


YouTube XL has got some settings which allow you to “play next video when current video ends” and you can also “filter videos that may not be suitable for minors”. In addition to these YouTube XL has a new design with large text and simplified navigation. YouTube XL also offers a continuous play feature which allows you to search for a topic on YouTube and watch all of the videos sequentially on that topic. You can also control the action with a blue tooth enabled remote control or mobile phones. So do check out YouTube XL and send us your comments.

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  1. Hey thanks for the link buddy ..

    Gonna try it soon ! Cheers ! 🙂

  2. Rahul says:

    This looks like an advance feature and player from youtube.

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