05.12.01 Baseband Unlock Exploit on iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware Found by GeoHot?

Written By Sam on 21 February 2010

The latest iPhone 3.1.3 firmware will update the baseband of your iPhone to 05.12.01 and currently there are no tools to unlock your iPhone. So if you have accidentally updated your iPhone firmware to 3.1.3, here is a good news for you as GeoHot has tweeted a message which indicates that he had found a working exploit to unlock 05.12.01 baseband. But things are not really very clear and there is no further information or any ETA.

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Earlier we also wrote about Sheriff Hashim who found a new working Exploit to unlock Baseband 05.12.01. Sheriff identified a promising crash in the new Baseband and as per the reports, he handed over the exploit to the most efficient iPhone Dev-Team. The iPhone Dev-Team confirmed that the exploit is working however they also did not give any ETA or any other information about the tool that will help unlocking iPhone 3.1.3 05.12.01 Baseband for iPhone 3G and 3GS.

It is also not very clear that if the exploits found by both of them are different. But there are chances that the 05.12.01 unlock is just around the corner, either by GeoHot or the Dev Team. There is also a possibility that GeoHot and Dev-Team is planning to use this exploit for a major update such as iPhone 3.2 or iPhone 4.0 with the next-gen iPhone 4G, something which we have to watch out for!

14 Responses to “05.12.01 Baseband Unlock Exploit on iPhone 3.1.3 Firmware Found by GeoHot?”

  1. Constantinos says:

    I’m desperate… I bought my iphone 3gs 3 weeks ago and at the same day I jailbreak it and upgrade it.

    I am not familiar with apple. I am a windows kind of person so I didn’t know better. It’s not fair, there was no way for me to know.
    I was willing to give money to unlock but after some research I read that these are scam sites so I didn’t.

    Unfortunately I didn’t do any research before updating, but at the time I had no reason to.
    I never expected that something like this could happen because I was clueless 🙁

    I managed to roll back to 3.1.2 but as you know the baseband is still on 05.12.01

    Please unlock 🙁

  2. dra9onboy says:

    LoL it’s funny seeing all the noobies get their jailbreak phones taken away by the 3.1.3 update….

  3. MubaSHir says:

    Hey I m Aslo waiting for it,i have iphone 3g,and i accidently uptade it,now it is like a stone,plz release the unlock for 05.12.01,

  4. mr.aiman says:


  5. MubaShir says:

    Hey guyz i have got the unlock u only have to do that first go to http://www.spiritjb.com/ and download the software and it will jailbreak ur iphone with latest baseband 05.12.01
    then do the following procedure
    1 deactivate 3G
    2 add the source to cydia apt.geohot.com
    3 Install com.geohot.purplesn0w
    4 wait until the installation and restart your iPhone
    5 iPhone is unlocked


  6. Mahgoub says:

    thanks Georg Hotz for efforts and i hope yu will help me
    my question is that
    i have iphone 3g with the latest firmware 3.1.3 and the base band is
    05.12.01 can it be unlock and jailbreak?
    with my best regards
    Eltoum Mahgoub

  7. nixon says:

    hey guys my iphone 3gs 16gb OS 3.1.3 05.12.01 how to unlock pls help me all guys HELP me HELP

  8. chhaya says:

    hi thanx mubashir it worked for me
    thanx alot

  9. trusoul says:

    hey muba shir… does that really unlock iphone 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01???????

  10. Sunny says:

    it didnt work!!!!!!

  11. darryn says:

    hey can some one please help me. i got a iphone from family in london and its locked,version 3.1.2 (7d11) 05.12.01 please help i know all about iphones and ive tryed everything..

    contact me if you can help please darryn89herholdt@gmail.com

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